Sunday, December 25, 2011

NMB48 member spanked

ICHIKAWA Miori and FUJIE Reina are spanked by one (african?)man named "SATOH Takeru"(,Not him).
They are punished in "4th Weekly AKB one-shot auction",aired on dec 23,2011 or so.

Miori gets spanked around 19:23 and Reina does 22:33 because they try a "Wanko Soba" but both of them can not reach the target(,40 bowls?).

週刊AKB 『第3回 週刊AKB 1ショットオークション』 #125 2011.12... 投稿者 dailyers

Thursday, November 10, 2011

M/f caning on spankingtube

I found M/f spanking(caning) movie named "Asian spanking" on spankingtube.

This seemed to be updater's picks of Japanese M/f movies.

I think that was Japasene movies because some spankers says "Itai"(painful or hurt in Japanese) during their punishment.

And based on how to punish girls,those migth be from here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

female darts player spanked for losing games?

IWANAGA Miho,a female darts player,was spanked with a baseball bat as a penalty game,according to her blog(in japanese) .

Monday, August 1, 2011

ff spanking in school

Cutiespankee(2010 or 2011?) movie (m_sc3_e01,m_sc3_e02,m_sc3_e03).

details /a script(Japanese)

FF spanking in internship interviewing

According to this site(Japanese), or english site,it seems to be spanking in internship interviewing for University student.

Her school (Kyute or cutie? Women's University)is very famous as a strict education so she herself has/had been spanked in past.

This company has, however the similar employee discipline for (female? )secretary...

Friday, July 8, 2011

delinquent girl spanked

Sakushi Himeko(lit. Himeko the technician) bend over a chair and is spanked in epidode 19  titled "主人公が死んじゃった!"(lit. a heroine died) of "Hana no Asuka gumi".


I do not know the details,but Himeko (HAYASHI Miho)is punished by Asuka(Odaka megumi).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FF (Teacher/student) spanking in a school

This is a school (Teacher/student)spanking from cutiespankee(2011),#393.

SHINOHARA Kei is a Japanese classical literature teacher in high school.
MIYAZAKI Shiho is a student in high school.

Shiho is the one of the most beautiful student in her school.
Kei always has sought to punish Shiho but had seldom opportunity to do for long!

In one day,Shiho did not do her home assignment and happened to wear fancy underwear to go out with her friend..

As a school punishment ,Key will spank Shiho...

cf. It is a original filename is a m_sc3_c01,m_sc3_c02,m_sc3_c03 .wmv/rm.