Tuesday, November 5, 2013

spanked for losing game

There are spanking scene in "Pachinko Play guide TV",October 1,2013.

YOSHIMURA Haruka (and other guys)received baseball bat spaking for losing pachinko game around 13:50.

spanking in Play Tag

I found spanking scene in "Pachinko Play guide TV",May 21,2013.

In this episode,they play "Pachinko oni gokko"(lit. Play Tag in Pachinko) in Goldenlucky Takeo,Takeo,Saga Prefecture.

All played Pachinko in one machine from another and after 15 minutes passed they started to play,it would begin to play the same way.
If player they are caught up with it,they ware eliminated from this game and punished immediately.

And,as a result Yoshimura HARUKA,Gakki,Aya,and Matsuo-san(staff in Goldenlucky Takeo) were gained on it and gameover.
So they got baseball bat spanking.