Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FF (Teacher/student) spanking in a school

This is a school (Teacher/student)spanking from cutiespankee(2011),#393.

SHINOHARA Kei is a Japanese classical literature teacher in high school.
MIYAZAKI Shiho is a student in high school.

Shiho is the one of the most beautiful student in her school.
Kei always has sought to punish Shiho but had seldom opportunity to do for long!

In one day,Shiho did not do her home assignment and happened to wear fancy underwear to go out with her friend..

As a school punishment ,Key will spank Shiho...

cf. It is a original filename is a m_sc3_c01,m_sc3_c02,m_sc3_c03 .wmv/rm.