Sunday, May 29, 2016

spanking as dog training?

i found spanking pics on seven oops's official blog.


according to this post(written by Maiko),two girls do a dog training in their radio program named "seven oops nana mai no usa gami soo rei" (lit. "please enjoy by seven oops's Nana and Mai "in Ryukyuan languages) aired on RBC,Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation.ななえ犬調教シリーズ-engdog-training

Sunday, May 8, 2016

suneo is spanked by his mom as Christmas present?

i found f/m spanking scene originally from Doraemon.

This movie is Chinese version and i do not understand Chinese,but as far as i remember,in this episode,Suneo is spanked by his mom for trying to make mom buy tennis court as a Christmas gift for sumeo by Doraemon's tool named "shite Credit card".