Friday, June 21, 2013

FF On-all-fours position spanking with the Big Hand

They enjoy the Pachinko and a spanking as s "penalty game"  in a certain Pachinko magazine.

The winner of this game is Yuirin and she can get the right to spank the loser,Hiyoko-mame.

Probably, Yuirin's twitter is here and Hiyoko-mame's blog is here...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Girls team got spanking after losing game

YOSHIMURA Haruka and Yuumi got spanking with a (plastic?) baseballbat in the "Pachinko Play guide,Kagoshime ver"May 13,2013.

 spanking time 11:30-

In this eposode,two teams competed in the pachinko at "Tengai Yojiro" in Kagoshima city.
Haruka and Yuumi made a team and two guys did and girls team lose this game.

So they two got punished by winner.
Before this penalty game,they are presented with the option of being spanked by left-handed or right-handed swing because he said he is a Switch hitter.
I do know the reason,but they took left-handed swing.