Monday, September 15, 2014

Selfie-spanking pic contest on twitter? #自画撮りOPT

I found an amazing event; "Jiga dori oshiri pen pen time"(lit.Selfie-spanking-time) by Netcorporation (and

cf. (Japanese)

This "oshiri pen pen time",abbreviated as "OPT" is originally from the Pachinko game(machine) "cinderella blade"series.

According to what official site says,if you join this contest you post "Selfie-spanking pic" with "#自画撮りOPT"(lit.Selfie-spanking-time) and at the same time follow @DMM_pachitown on twitter.
And if your tweet attract best attention (e.g. most retweeted by others?)on twitter you win this contest.

Thanks to this event,we can see some Selfie-spanking pic on twitter.