Wednesday, December 26, 2012

spanked in Beautysalon

Ai is spanked in Beautysalon.

This salon is famous as a "Oshioki Esute"(lit.punishment Esthé/Beautysalon) so it offers a painful massage and spanking for treatment!

And this movie is probably from
If you could read Japanese,a blog post below would be useful to know this episode.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mf spaking for new talents

Some (Japanese) idols were spanked by mask man in the ai-league.

This ai-league is the TV show for training a new talent.
And sometimes,they were be punished as a penalty game.



Saturday, August 18, 2012

a cute footballer was spanked by the Hand of God?

SAMESHIMA Aya was perhaps spanked by SASAKI Norio,her coach during football/soccer game,London 2012 final.

I do not know why Norio did that,and if he spanked Aya or just touched her butts.

The way i see it,he might wanted to motivate her to play better or punish her for poor performance in this game or more simply push his luck;some would take it Sexual harassment or "Hand of God (goal)".

Anyway,Aya seemed to recieve a spanking in public.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

baseball bat spanking in "Shiodome Expo 2012"

SAKAKI Moeko,a woman announcer,got baseball bat spanking in the "Shiodome Expo 2012",a summer event by NTV.
In this event,visitors can enjoy the NTV's TV program indeed.


pic from

Moeko probably went to a room of the "Waratte ha Ikenai(lit. No Laughing)".

In this series,everyone must not laugh in all cases and if she/he breaks this rule,she/he is to be punished.

And she burst out laughing in this room so she got punishe like above.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

spanking in Maji-koi

I found a spanking scene on youtube.

This is a spanking from a "Maji-koi" ,a video game.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

spanking over her panties

That is the spanking movie from

We may see "" on lower right in this movie and this URL means it was released before 2005/no.14,say

Based on the fact above,i guess it is originally no.002 on her site.

girls got addicted to hand and hard spanking...

Two girls give a spanking each other in "ハンドスパンキングにハマる女の子たち 1"(lit. young girls got addicted to hand spanking part 1).

link (in Japanese and no sample movie...)

All of them really love to be spanked hard so they enjoy a spanking like pics below !!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

spanking scene in the "Ohisama(2011)",episode 54

This is the spanking scene in the "Ohisama",episode 54,2011.

 In this episode also,SUDO Yoko(INOUE Mao) was spanked by TAKAHASHI Natsuko(ITO Ayumi),again.

Ohisama - 054 投稿者 unlimitedupload2

spanking at 13:30-

Natsuko spanked Yoko to congratulate her marriage,not punish her...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

spanking scene in the "Ohisama(2011)",episode 43

This is the spanking scene in the "Ohisama",episode 43,2011.

Ohisama - 043 投稿者 unlimitedupload2


In this episode,SUDO Yoko(INOUE Mao) was spanked by TAKAHASHI Natsuko(ITO Ayumi) ,again

Yoko was spanked by Natsuko in first day,but this spanking is NOT for punishing her but for cheering for her purely.

(Yoko had been shocked somewhat since Yoko was told she should get married soon to bear children for war and future in Japan by her colleague.... "to get married" means for women "to resign from her post" in thosedays,even in today?) 

Monday, April 23, 2012

spanking scene in the "Ohisama(2011)",episode 37

This is the spanking scene in the "Ohisama",episode 37,2011.

Ohisama - 037 投稿者 unlimitedupload2


In this episode,SUDO Yoko(INOUE Mao) was spanked one time by TAKAHASHI Natsuko(ITO Ayumi) .

I have NOT see this TV Drama so I do not Know story in details...

According to the Jawp,it is the day(in early 1940s and before 1945)Yoko became a teacher in an Elementary School,called "National (elementary)school"around that time.

And Yoko looked so nervous before first HR when Yoko went to a class room accompanied by Natsuko who is senior Teacher and Yoko's teacher in the past.

SO Natsuko seemed to spank Yoko in order to punish softly her and at the same time to remind her that she already had become a teacher in this school and in wartime.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mf baseballbat spanking for an announcer

A spankee is UEDA Aki,an announcer(of a local Television or so).

She WANTED to try to be spanked with a baseballbat while some around her had said THIS baseball spanking does not hurt a lot.

 It is so short that i do know why Aki wanna be punished in this way...


Monday, January 16, 2012

baseball bat spanking in training school

SAKAI Hiromi (1984-2012) is spanked with a baseball bat by her teacher in training school for an auto racer.

check 19:00

It is originally from "リアルスコープ" in Jan 2011,aired on Fuji TV.

In this school,female student also seems to be punished in the same way as male if she is wrong or can not do what she is asked.

PS. She was killed in an accident during her race...,R.IP.