Tuesday, February 11, 2014

spanking in kill-la-kill

There is a spanking scene in kill  la  kill,episode19.

around 13:30

I do NOT know the details,but i geuss she seems to be spanked by her real mom...

Monday, February 10, 2014

spanking in Dr.slump(anime)

Arare is spanked in episode 07 in "Dr.slump(in FIRST Anime ver)".

see 10:40-

Because Arare who is junior high school student have gotten drunk on whisky that her friend Akane had secretly in classroom so they two was to be spanked.

We can get Arare's punishment only in this Anime although in Manga(Original ver) Akane was spanked over her panties with a roll book and she suffers from the pain on bottom even in after school.

And in second anime,we can see Akane's punishment over her jeans.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

spanking in Kohaku?

There are spanking scene in "Pachinko Play guide TV",December 30,2013.

Probably because it is just one day before New Year's Eve,this eisode divided players into competing teams of red and white like Kohaku.
And they played Pachinko and losers got spanking with Baseball bat.

We can watch m/f spanking;Ami got punished around 09:55 and around Ami and YOSHIMURA Haruka around 13:30.