Saturday, May 31, 2014

A member of a superidol group was spanked by a drummer

ARIYASU Momoka who is a member of the "Momoiro Clover Z" and is known as "Green of MOMOKURO/Momoclo" happened to be spanked by (KAWAKITA)Nawo who is the drummer and vocalist of Maximum the Hormone,according to what Nawo said on a radio.

Momoka had shown her back to others and said "Please!(beat me on back)" in a dressing room because she wanted to cheerup herself before her stage.

When she did that to Nawo,Nawo had no idea what happened before her,then she thought Momoka presented her bottom to her and wanted to be spanked by Nawo,so Nawo gave her a good spanking.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

ff spanking on the Animusu

I found Spanking scene on the Animusu,again.

In this,HIROSE Yuuki got spanking with "Harisen on May 23,2014.


Yuuki faced the same rules as a previous one,so she attempted to do an old video game and if she failed to beat a game she had to receive a spanking.

Yuuki  played the Mega_Man(or Rockman) that was released in 1987,and could not completed all the stages.
So,we can enjoy a classic game scene at 20;50- and a spanking scene at 23:15-.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

New model in a long-running Japanese spanking site

Here comes a new (kee) model and New clips in the spanking-movie,which is a long-running Japanese (F/F)spanking site.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Schoolgirls! 9 on

i found "Schoolgirls! 9" originally relaesed by hsp on akibacom.

it seems to include...

Witness - Punishment for Bullying / Maria's Tough Day / Standing in The Hall /
 Teacher's Hot Spanking Date / Bedwetting Treatment Clinic /
 Detention for Ms Spankee

If you ask me,i like "Witness - Punishment for Bullying "the best.
as far as i remember,two girls are bare-bottom spanked just before a boy who has been bullied by two...

We can get free sample movie at the link below.

Compilation Vol.27 on akibacom

i found "Compilation Vol.27" originally relaesed by hsp on akibacom.

it seems to include...

Improvisation,A Severe Lady's Fantasies, Mother-in-Law Gets What She Deserves ,Losers and Winners Pt.1 ,Losers and Winners Pt.2,Spanking in Denim Pants

we can get free sample movie at the link below.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

FF Harisen spanking

It is a Spanking scene from the Animusu,May 9,2014
A spankee is TOMOE Kei.

Kei was spanked with "Harisen"  one time as a "penalty game ";she could not completed all the stages in Nitendo's old video game she had played in this show.

動画:あにむす 5.09
game start in 19:30-
spanking time in 22:40-


spanking scene in "Oh! Family"

I found spanking scene in "Oh! Family"(anime ver) uploaded on youtube.