Tuesday, November 5, 2013

spanked for losing game

There are spanking scene in "Pachinko Play guide TV",October 1,2013.

YOSHIMURA Haruka (and other guys)received baseball bat spaking for losing pachinko game around 13:50.

spanking in Play Tag

I found spanking scene in "Pachinko Play guide TV",May 21,2013.

In this episode,they play "Pachinko oni gokko"(lit. Play Tag in Pachinko) in Goldenlucky Takeo,Takeo,Saga Prefecture.

All played Pachinko in one machine from another and after 15 minutes passed they started to play,it would begin to play the same way.
If player they are caught up with it,they ware eliminated from this game and punished immediately.

And,as a result Yoshimura HARUKA,Gakki,Aya,and Matsuo-san(staff in Goldenlucky Takeo) were gained on it and gameover.
So they got baseball bat spanking.

Friday, October 11, 2013

mm and ff baseballbat spanking for winners?

I found spanking scenes with (plastic?)baseballbat, originally from the "Pachinko Play Guide TV",September 3,2013.

In this movie,all played pachinko and some got spanked as a "penalty game".

Since there are special rules,if she/he hit the Jackpot she/he had to get punished in that way!

So,we can see Mf baseballbat spanking at 07:50-,08:40-,11:07-,11:59(and so on?).

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

spanking information in the "Gochisosan(2013)"

There is a spanking scene in the "Gochisosan",episode 2,2013.

This series is a story mainly on UNO Meiko(WATANABE Anne and TOYOSHIMA Hana as young Meiko) who lives through the Taisho and Showa eras(=1912 to 1989),according to the ENWP and aired on NHK every morning.

When Meiko was very young,she stole (garden) strawberries that was used as a Offering for the Buddha and thier ancestor (and that was one of the  expensive food in those days) from a (Buddhist)temple with boys,but they were caught and when she went back to home she received a spanking with a big tray and No dinner as a punishment by her mom,UNO Iku(ZAIZEN Naomi).

I CANNOT find this movie now although we probably got this on pandora or acfun,but i wiwh we would watch this spanking scene on youtube or something alike.




Saturday, August 24, 2013

spanking as a penalty game in Pachinko

YOSHIMURA Haruka was spanked with baseball bat for losing Pachinko game in "Pachinko Play guide TV",July 9,2013.

This eisode divided players into competing teams of Ken-bou and Haruka,and they played Pachinko and losers were to be punished.

Haruka team lose this battle so Haruka and her teammate got baseball bat spanking around 14:16.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

spanking time for a loser

FUCHIWAKI Reina was spanked by MAYA Junko in the GALPACHI,episode 102.

In this episode,Reina and jyunko played together "snipai72",that is a pachinko and well known as a "Oshiri penpen time".
This "oshiri pen pen" means spank(ing),especially for kids by mom,so we can spank girls a lot in bonus stage.

cf.Oshiri means bottom or butt,but we seldom use "pen pen" itself  as a "hit or smack/slap".

After enjoying this game,Reina was punished indeed because she lose a game,over her skirt and only a one time.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

MF spanking with a belt

It is the spanking movie on FC2.

Typed "spanking_real_life"on the lower right,this seems to be one of the movies at the link right below.

But i cannot find the same clips on this site...
So i do not know spankee's name and have no idea what she had done deserved to be punished,but she received a spanking with his belt (or whip)a lot.

As the belt continued to fall upon her bottom,she cried "ouch"(ITAI in JPN) and "I'm sorry" to beg his to stop to spank her.

girl spanked in playground,again?

Some girls are spanked with a baseballbat in "Asobiba Viva girls"(lit. playground viva girls).

cf. official site of "asobiba viva girl ?":http://aso-viva.jp/asobu/vivagirls/0153283

In this movie or episode 4,around 13:00,one girl gets punished for poor score,and other who gets the same score not.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mf spanking from Japasene site?

We can watch M/f spanking here;

According to the URL marked on the lower right of this movie,this seems to be originally from here;http://spanking-real-life.loon.jp/movie_e.htm

But i cannot find the same clips on this site...
So i do not know spankee's name and have no idea why she was punished,but she received a good spanking over his lap which lefr her bottom red and hot.

Monday, August 5, 2013

girl spanked in playground?

Some girls are spanked with a baseballbat in "Asobiba Viva girls"(lit. playground viva girls).

cf. official site of "asobiba viva girl ?":http://aso-viva.jp/asobu/vivagirls/0153283

In this movie,episode 3,around 13:00,one girl gets punished for poor score.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Compilation Vol.25 on akibacom

i found "Compilation Vol.25" originally relaesed by hsp on akibacom.

it seems to include...

Credit Card Use without Permission, Naughty Teddy ,Spanking from Friend's Mother,Spanked by Wicked Step-Mom,Stepdaughter's Revenge on Step-Mom , Retro Spanking ll

If you ask me,i like "Spanking from Friend's Mother"the best.

In this episode,a girl (named satomi?) who has never been spanked by her own parents visits her friend mom to ask her to spank.

we can get the free sample movie at the link below.


Mother Spanks Daughter 11 on akibacom

i found "Mother Spanks Daughter 11" originally relaesed by hsp on akibacom.

it seems to include...

First Spanking of My Life ,You Need Discipline!,Ann's Punishment Room,Spanking Deposit,Stolen Panties,My Spanking Partner

If you ask me,i like " First Spanking of My Life "the best; one girl who has never been spanked gets a otk spanking by her mom.

and in "Stolen Panties" we can enjoy an otk spanking over her panties and in "Spanking Deposit" we can enjoy a bare bottom otk spanking.

we can get the free sample movie at the link below.


Friday, June 21, 2013

FF On-all-fours position spanking with the Big Hand

They enjoy the Pachinko and a spanking as s "penalty game"  in a certain Pachinko magazine.


The winner of this game is Yuirin and she can get the right to spank the loser,Hiyoko-mame.

Probably, Yuirin's twitter is here and Hiyoko-mame's blog is here...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Girls team got spanking after losing game

YOSHIMURA Haruka and Yuumi got spanking with a (plastic?) baseballbat in the "Pachinko Play guide,Kagoshime ver"May 13,2013.

 spanking time 11:30-

In this eposode,two teams competed in the pachinko at "Tengai Yojiro" in Kagoshima city.
Haruka and Yuumi made a team and two guys did and girls team lose this game.

So they two got punished by winner.
Before this penalty game,they are presented with the option of being spanked by left-handed or right-handed swing because he said he is a Switch hitter.
I do know the reason,but they took left-handed swing.

Friday, May 24, 2013

group spanking in Pachinko

It is a Spanking scene in the Motto Pachinko Play Guide,May 23,2013.

They visited a pachinko parlor.

And they were tasked with completing the mission instead of enjoying the pachinko enough;they had to get over 20,000s point totally(in the pachinko) and if they failed to do they all must be spanked by this parlor attendant.

In the last,they got spanked with the Big Hand for Mission Accomplished.

The spankees are SATO Ami and Mio(,and some guy lol) and a spanker is Momo-chan.

cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5oPfPJG1e8

Friday, May 17, 2013

spanking in Mania Club(2013)

There seems to be spanking DVD and pic in Mania Club May 2013.


The Mania club is long-running bimonthly magazine in Japan issued by Sanwa.

Official blog

This series cover all the topics of SM and sometimes focused on spanking as well as others.

And this issue has a special section titled "Jyoshi kousei SM"(lit.highschool girl's SM play) and has free DVD about that.

In this section,we can watch/see some girls punished by OTK spanking.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A winner got spanking with baseball bat

Kaori and some guys are spanked with a (plastic?) baseballbat in the "Pachinko Play guide TV,TV Okayama ver",February 12,2013.

In this episode they visited "The tiger Hirai" in Okayama city to play Pachinko.
And they had a special rule;if she/he hit the Jackpot she/he had to get punished with baseball bat.

But before the beginning of the game,Kaori was spanked because she said "The tiger Kume",not "The tiger Hirai" in opening.

As well as pre-spanking,we can enjoy M/f spanking at 03:00-,06:30-,09:30-,13:30- and so on.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

spanking in a full body naked massage

There are spanking scenes in the "Jyuri and Ibuki".

br />

I guess it is from a Japanese Porno Video but i do not know exactly what...

Ibuki who got a full body naked massage by Jyuri was spanked three times by J.

In around 20:00 in this movie Ibuki was asked to stick up her butts and did so,but for jyuri it is not enough.
So Jyuri seemed to spank her bottom in order to have her bottom raised up higher.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Schoolgirls! 8 on akibacom

i found "Schoolgirls! 8" originally relaesed by hsp on akibacom.

it seems to include...

Training in School Swimsuits,Teacher Spanks Student and Her Mom,Teacher's New Lesson,Teacher's Fantasy,Spanked by School Doctor,Spanked in Uniform

If you ask me,i like "Teacher Spanks Student and Her Mom"the best

we can get the free sample movie at the link below.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Witnessed spanking

After she was scolded she was to be spanked by her mom and this punishment is assisted and witnessed by her big babysitter;Her mom decided to employ this sitter to punish rebellious daughter.

We perhaps can get full movie at hsp.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A beautiful idol got punished by kickboxer

Serina got kicked on her bottom by Thai boxer in the "Sekai Wakagaeri tour",aired on NTV,January 26,2013.

Serina WAS a first generation members of SDN48 in the past.

In this series,women go abroad to get younger(as its name suggests since Sekai means World and Wakagaeri does "get yonger")and in this episode,they tried to grow younger in Bangkok,Thailand.
And,Serina marked worst score (on skin age)so she was punished in that way.

her punishment 79:00-

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

spanking ecstasy KURATA Mao

KURATA Mao is spanked by men in "spanking ecstasy KURATA Mao"(Link;movie,DVD).



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hot girl gets spanked in No-Laughing game

Serina,who WAS a member of SDN48 gets spanked in "PON!" aired on NTV.

She gets punished around 7:20 in the movie above because she broke the rule of No-Laughing game.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Domestic Discipline in Ann's room

We can see the OTK spanking that is maybe originally from the HSP named "Ann's (punishment)room" at the link below;


In this movie,a bad school girl Ann was spanked by her mom Misako.

As you see,Misako started this punishment over her skirt,then her panties and bare bottom.
After punishment,Misako showed Ann her hand to know her hand was red and hot as Ann's bottom.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

spanking ecstasy HARUNA Nana

HARUNA Nana is spanked by men in "spanking ecstasy HARUNA Nana"(Link;movie,movie,DVD).


 go to http://www.dmm.co.jp/litevideo/-/detail/=/cid=soe00879/