Saturday, August 23, 2014

F/m spanking in Doraemo

There are spanking scenes in Doraemon like that.

ドラえもん のび太のおよめさん


To be honest,i do not like F/m spanking;i love (to see) girls spanked,speaking of spanking.
But it is good story and i will recommend you,if you aske me.

In this episode,Nobita go to the future to meet his wife Shizuka,a friend from infancy and his idols in childhood.
And Shizuka mistooke 10-year-old NOBITA for NOBISUKE who is her and his son,and then she scolded and spanked NOBITA for bullying a fried(their common friend SUNEO's kids) on bare bottom.

cf. In the new version in anime,spanked over his underwear.

投稿者 YellowDoraemon
哆啦A梦新番373(石头帽)(大雄的新娘) 投稿者 minaya12

......,The truth is that,i wanna see Shizuka spanked by her mom or other females,but as far as i Know Shizuka is never spanked in Japanese movies,anime and manga.
So i wish we would see her spanking in the US edition.