Sunday, September 28, 2014

Japanese girl paddled

It might be Japanese spanking movie,not Taiwanese....

Because girl who is paddled says "Itai(lit. ouch in Japanese)" sometimes during her punishment and we can see   ""  in lower right.
But i can NOT find this clips in,so one possibility is that this movie is deleted in official site.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

OTK spanking in class

I found a good OTK spanking on youtube;Misono is punished by her teacher in world history class.

It seem to be from cutiespankee and its title is "Tokubetsu hosyu no syogyo tachi"(lit. girls in special supplementary lesson) and original file name is m_sc2_n0.

There is a script on this story in Japasene:here,

(=snapshot of

ケツバット@発掘アイドルトライアル Vol.2?


"発掘アイドルトライアル Vol.2"というイベント?でケツバットがあった模様です。



ケツバットいただきました。なんか楽しかった (・・。)ゞ



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

spanking in Detention

I found a good spanking on youtube;Shiho(MIYAZAKI Shiho) is punished by her (gym or classroom) teacher(IIKURA Erika) after school.

It must be from cutiespankee and its title is "Houkago no yobidashi"(lit. asked to stay at after school) and original file name is m_sc3_u01.

We can read script on this story in Japasene:here,

(=snapshot of

According to this site,she gets detention before her club activity and she receives punishment,but i do not know why she is punished so hard......

Saturday, September 20, 2014

punishment for breaking school rules

Hina is spanked by her teacher with ruler.

It must be from cutiespankee,and according to the statement in blackboard,Hina has broken school rule often,so she is punished in that way.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Selfie-spanking pic contest on twitter? #自画撮りOPT

I found an amazing event; "Jiga dori oshiri pen pen time"(lit.Selfie-spanking-time) by Netcorporation (and

cf. (Japanese)

This "oshiri pen pen time",abbreviated as "OPT" is originally from the Pachinko game(machine) "cinderella blade"series.

According to what official site says,if you join this contest you post "Selfie-spanking pic" with "#自画撮りOPT"(lit.Selfie-spanking-time) and at the same time follow @DMM_pachitown on twitter.
And if your tweet attract best attention (e.g. most retweeted by others?)on twitter you win this contest.

Thanks to this event,we can see some Selfie-spanking pic on twitter.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

spanking in Dr.slump(second anime)

I found Akane's spanking in Dr.slump.

In this clip,Akane is spanked by her classroom teacher Midori with a roll book.
Because she had a whisky secretly in classroom (to drink with school meals?) and thanks to Arare her friend and Heroine in this story that came to light.

We can watch/see her spanking in new(second) version anime and in original Manga.

cf. In first anime,we can watch Arare's punishment only...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spanking in an audition

MIDUKI Akari who is Gravure idols in Japan recieved a spanking with baseball bat in an audition.

According to her post below(her official blog in Japanese),

some audition staff said "Anyone will get baseball bat spanking?" and then her friends answered "Why not her?",so that's why she was spanked!

I can NOT find movie about that,but in her blog we can see pics of her bottom punished that way.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014









Saturday, September 6, 2014

Look back upon Mother's Girlhood

I found nice domestic spanking on youtube.

It is maybe first chapter of the "Kaisou,Haha no syoujyo jidai"(lit. Look back upon Mother's Girlhood) .
(Japanese site on this)

In openning,Shiho(Miyazaki Shiho) is spanked by her mom Tubaki(KANDA Tubaki) over mom's lap.

While Tubaki spanks shiho and shiho is crying,she just recalls she herself was spanked by her mom when she was young.

After this movie,young Tubaki is spanked by her mom on bare bottom with ruler and Miyazaki Shiho plays young Tubaki and KANDA Tubaki does her mom,so we can enjoy Shiho and Tubaki's spanking enough.

If you get full movie,i recommend you search the Internet with the keywords; for example m_mom2_r01.wmv,m_mom2_r02.wmv,m_mom2_r03.wmv...

Friday, September 5, 2014

school girl spanked by doctor

I found nice OTK spanking on youtube.

In this movie,a school girl is spanked by doctor over her panties.

It would be better if she would get bare bottom spanking......,but it is my favorite work in QT spankee!


Monday, September 1, 2014

16-hour spanking movie

Here comes 16-hour spanking movie "Oshiri ga bachi-bachi suruhodo bukkataku spanking" (lit. a good Spanking which left their bottom bright red).


We will get this movie or DVD on DMM.

Movie; お尻がバチバチするほどぶっ叩くスパンキング!16時間
DVD; お尻がバチバチするほどぶっ叩くスパンキング!16時間

And now we can watch free Free Video.