Monday, June 30, 2014

several severe swats in a soap opera,2006

It is the unforgotten spanking scene from the "Shin(New) Kaze No Rondo",episode 27,aired on Fuji TV,2006.
(There is a spanking also in the older version in 1995 or 1996.)

NOSHIRO Natsuo(FUJISAWA Shio,as young Natsuo) was caned by Asami(TANAKA Minako),her guardian and her aunt(the sister of her father).

In fact she had done nothing wrong at all but her younger brother Tomo peed in his pants in his school(in class?).
Asami was very upset and she required him to recieve a punishment,but Natsuo asked Asami to punish her instead of Tom.
Then Asami agreed to punish Natsuo,so Natsuo was spanked by Asami with a ruler.

She tried to refuse to pull down her panties first,but then she resigned herself to a bare bottom spanking.

her punishment 02:30-

Saturday, June 28, 2014

hard f/f spanking

It is the movie that is probably originally from the

A spankee is Chihiro and ,of course ker is Nami.

In this clips,Nami seemed to punish severely Chihiro mainly by the ruler and cane so it can be one of the most hard spanking ever in this site as far as I know.

This punishment had left Chihiro's bottom red and bruised although she was caned over her pantie.

According to this site,Chihiro herself wish to be spanked so hard.

Friday, June 20, 2014

girls were punished in the school where a spanking is alive and well?

KAMISAKI Shiori and Maika are spanked together, in the "Pachi Pachi Takao Jyogakuin(=PP T Women/Girls school)",episode 13,2014.

In this series,girls enjoy the pachinko with a (Japanese)high school uniform.

In this episode they played "CR Oshioki pyramiden" that is well-known for some as a "Oshioki(=punishment,in this context,spanking) time";players can spank girls in this game in bonus stage.

spanking time started in 24:00,and ff spanking time in 25:00-

Thanks to that?,in this episode a loser had to be punished indeed (in the name of the school rule?) but this match end in a draw...,so both got spanking over their skirt.

cf. Maika is here?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

an office spanking in the mosaicjapan(2014)

I found a spanking scene in the "Mosaicjapan",episode 1,2014.
It is a R15-comedy-drama television series aired on Wowow.

And in the first episode,KINOUCHI Momoko(HAMAKAWA Fumie) is spanked over her pantie in her office.
Because Momoko misbehaves and her apology is not good enough for her boss,she will have her bottom spanked by him.
He starts this spanking over her skirt then her panties.

a spanking time started in 3:00-

The fact is this describes the otherside of the AV(adult video or Pornographic homevideo in Japan) industry and a (fictional )local town depends on this industry.
In this town,people could find a spanking scene even in their office sometimes since some usually shoot for pron.
So,this spanking is one scene of a pron movie/homevideo and Momoko is spanked for her JOB.

PS. We can watch also here,


Sunday, June 15, 2014

She was spanked for his/her fun?

ITO Asako was spanked many times in the Sekaino Hatemade Itte Q (=You should go far and wide in this world),sometimes abbreviated as "ItteQ",June 15,2014.
Asako visited somewhere in Spain to meet this person (or so).

As you may see,he plays Bottom percussion by spanking female bottom.

In this show,she joined this percussion so she got spanking over her panties(or T-back or Swimsuit?).

And we can enjoy something like group spanking and her solo part,as well as (well-earned) reddening bottoms and nice music.

140615 世界の果てまでイッテQ! 投稿者 yume2

her spanking 44:30~

see also...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mf baseballbat spanking for June bride?

HONDA Tomoko was baseballbat spanked in "Otoko-Gi-gyanken",Tonneruzuno Minasanno Okagedeshita,June 5,2014.

In this game,a player will be spanked with baseballbat if HER/his behavior is NOT masculine,i hear...

So,even for female,everyone is always asked to be a (gentle?)Man, and Tomoko was punished because she broke this rule.

140605 とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした 投稿者 yume2

And we can get some pics from this, (Japanese).

cf. 18:30-
(Japanese )

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

spanking in the "Oshioki 05(1995)"

It is the "Oshioki(punishment)05" that is originally a Japanese AV(home prono video) released in 1995 by GIGA.

In this series Japanese women get punished by a spanking and burning moxa for her mischievous and in this 05,Naomi,a maid,gets punished by her mistress.

First Naomi did have a relationship that was not appropriate while mistress went out.
But she came back soon and then found out Naomi has been making oral sex with her Naomi was to get on all fours on the table and spanked over her panties first and next on bare bottom with a slipper.

Next Naomi spilled tea on a guest and then she got an OTK spanking on bare bottom.

Lastly she went out with boiling water in a kettle so she got 4 pieces of burning moxa on her asscheeks.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Harisen spanking,again

KOMORI Misae was spanked in the Animusu,May 30,2014.

In this series,girls play an old video game (weekly?),and if they can not completed all the stages,they will be spanked with "Harisen".
In this episode,Misae chose "Pac-Man" that was released in 1980.

(game started in 21:20,spanking started in 23:50)

Like a challenger in a previous,she faced a gameover halfway and then found herself spanked.