Wednesday, October 2, 2013

spanking information in the "Gochisosan(2013)"

There is a spanking scene in the "Gochisosan",episode 2,2013.

This series is a story mainly on UNO Meiko(WATANABE Anne and TOYOSHIMA Hana as young Meiko) who lives through the Taisho and Showa eras(=1912 to 1989),according to the ENWP and aired on NHK every morning.

When Meiko was very young,she stole (garden) strawberries that was used as a Offering for the Buddha and thier ancestor (and that was one of the  expensive food in those days) from a (Buddhist)temple with boys,but they were caught and when she went back to home she received a spanking with a big tray and No dinner as a punishment by her mom,UNO Iku(ZAIZEN Naomi).

I CANNOT find this movie now although we probably got this on pandora or acfun,but i wiwh we would watch this spanking scene on youtube or something alike.