Monday, April 23, 2012

spanking scene in the "Ohisama(2011)",episode 37

This is the spanking scene in the "Ohisama",episode 37,2011.

Ohisama - 037 投稿者 unlimitedupload2


In this episode,SUDO Yoko(INOUE Mao) was spanked one time by TAKAHASHI Natsuko(ITO Ayumi) .

I have NOT see this TV Drama so I do not Know story in details...

According to the Jawp,it is the day(in early 1940s and before 1945)Yoko became a teacher in an Elementary School,called "National (elementary)school"around that time.

And Yoko looked so nervous before first HR when Yoko went to a class room accompanied by Natsuko who is senior Teacher and Yoko's teacher in the past.

SO Natsuko seemed to spank Yoko in order to punish softly her and at the same time to remind her that she already had become a teacher in this school and in wartime.