Monday, June 30, 2014

several severe swats in a soap opera,2006

It is the unforgotten spanking scene from the "Shin(New) Kaze No Rondo",episode 27,aired on Fuji TV,2006.
(There is a spanking also in the older version in 1995 or 1996.)

NOSHIRO Natsuo(FUJISAWA Shio,as young Natsuo) was caned by Asami(TANAKA Minako),her guardian and her aunt(the sister of her father).

In fact she had done nothing wrong at all but her younger brother Tomo peed in his pants in his school(in class?).
Asami was very upset and she required him to recieve a punishment,but Natsuo asked Asami to punish her instead of Tom.
Then Asami agreed to punish Natsuo,so Natsuo was spanked by Asami with a ruler.

She tried to refuse to pull down her panties first,but then she resigned herself to a bare bottom spanking.

her punishment 02:30-