Wednesday, April 25, 2012

spanking scene in the "Ohisama(2011)",episode 43

This is the spanking scene in the "Ohisama",episode 43,2011.

Ohisama - 043 投稿者 unlimitedupload2


In this episode,SUDO Yoko(INOUE Mao) was spanked by TAKAHASHI Natsuko(ITO Ayumi) ,again

Yoko was spanked by Natsuko in first day,but this spanking is NOT for punishing her but for cheering for her purely.

(Yoko had been shocked somewhat since Yoko was told she should get married soon to bear children for war and future in Japan by her colleague.... "to get married" means for women "to resign from her post" in thosedays,even in today?)