Wednesday, August 26, 2015

OTK spanking in "Nana and Kaoru" 2nd movie(2012)

i found a related movie on youtube again ...

<Monday, February 10, 2014>

There are spanking scenes in the "Nana and Kaoru",second season(version) movie,released in 2012,Japan.
SUGIYAMA Kaoru(TOCHIHARA Rakuto) gave CHIGUSA Nana(AONO Miku) an OTK spanking over her panties with his hand who had never been punished and scolded by teachers and parents before in her life.

 see 50:00-

It is R15 or R18 movie and bases on the same-titled Manga by AMAZUME Ryuta.

Nana is high school student and heroine of this story and Kaoru is hero so the story focuses on this two high school students and thier act of SM(as).

"Nana and Kaoru" itself has been famous as SM but in this movie especially a spanking do more important role than others.

And the last of this movie,Kaoru took a lecture on spanking by SM shop staff,so we can watch maybe more hard spanking in next movie.