Saturday, March 15, 2014

FF spanking in a spanking quiz part 2...

I found the next stage in this on dailymotion.

A spankee is OHYA Shizuka.
She said she had been spanked many many times by her mom,again.
And she faced a spanking quiz,AGAIN in HiruSpa,march 15,2014.

So,it can be a spanking quiz second season for Shizuka.

penpen 投稿者 ToyojiHarrison

The rule is...

First,she got ff spanking three times by her mom and others.
Next, she had to guess right what is her mom spanking.

And,the fake mom are.....the Competitive karuta player;SHIRAISHI Akane and the female professional wrestler;SERA Risa.

In this stage,they two had studied so hard in her mom spanking to spank her in the same way as her mom.
....Say,05:40- in this clip.

In this TV show, she got more hard spanking in public!