Friday, June 20, 2014

girls were punished in the school where a spanking is alive and well?

KAMISAKI Shiori and Maika are spanked together, in the "Pachi Pachi Takao Jyogakuin(=PP T Women/Girls school)",episode 13,2014.

In this series,girls enjoy the pachinko with a (Japanese)high school uniform.

In this episode they played "CR Oshioki pyramiden" that is well-known for some as a "Oshioki(=punishment,in this context,spanking) time";players can spank girls in this game in bonus stage.

spanking time started in 24:00,and ff spanking time in 25:00-

Thanks to that?,in this episode a loser had to be punished indeed (in the name of the school rule?) but this match end in a draw...,so both got spanking over their skirt.

cf. Maika is here?