Tuesday, October 21, 2014

spanking scene from TVCF

SHINOHARA Tomoe is spanked by NOMURA Sachiyo (wife of NOMURA Katsuya)in TVCF.

This is ad-film for Nagataniens Gen-en,a one of the instant miso soup and "Gen en" means "low-salt" in English,aired in 1999.

cf. Nagataniens's site http://www.nagatanien.com/

And in this CF,

Sachiyo: Do you do something good for your body?

Tomoe: No,not at all!

Sachiyo: Do you eat breakfast everyday?

Tomoe: I don't.

Sachiyo: And Miso soup?

Tomoe: I don't,too.

Sachiyo: What is your favorite food?

Tomoe: i love something salty.

Sachiyo smacks Tomoe on her Booty.