Sunday, November 16, 2014

a princess is spanked by her servant?

There is a spanking scene in the "Chinpui",episode 54"Utyu maigo WAKENAI"(lit. WAKENAI the lost child of The Universe).

In this episode,Eri is spanked by Chinpui with a carpet beater and we can watch this spanking on,here (around 11:45).

By the way,Eri  who lives in Tokyo is heroine of this story and candidate for princess of the planet Mahl that is motherland of Chinpui.

In short,WAKENAI who is one of old friends of Chinpui came to Earth and he changed Eri and Eri's friends into a Mahl-like alien with his special ability(named "kahou" ,their native Wizardry?) and then caused trouble with them.

So,Chinpui gets angry with them and punishes Eri and WAKENAI together by "Kahou oshiri pen pen".
I wish Chinpui spanked 3 girls and WAKENAI...