Thursday, November 20, 2014

FF spanking in a spanking quiz...

Added:November 20, 2014.

I found Shizuka's spanking movie on youtube!

Shizuka is spanked around 1:00 by her mom and others.

Original article,posted: November 27, 2013

A spankee is OHYA Shizuka.

She said she had been spanked often by her mom in the past.
So,she faced a spanking quiz in "KonnyaKurabeteMimasita",November 26,2013.

The rule is...

First,she got ff spanking three times by her mom and others.
Next, she had to guess right what is her mom spanking.
What is more, she must be spanked by mom again if she got wrong answer.

As a result, she got some spanked in public!

We can watch also this movie;