Monday, September 21, 2015

Spanking in GTO(TV anime)

i found this movie also on spankingtube....

I found GTO's episode 5 titled "An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt" on youtube.

After 19:00,girls are spanked by their teacher.

Original article posted: Thursday, July 7, 2011

There are spanking scenes in TV anime version of the "GTO",episode 5,aired on FTV in 1999.

see 21:40-

In this episode some girls are spanked by ONIZUKA Eikichi,their homeroom teacher and a leading character of the GTO.

They have bullied a class mate who is weak and sickly boy,for instance making him remove his clothes,drawing graffiti on his body and taking a picture of that.

After bullying,while they enjoy Karaoke,they all are caught by Eikichi and to be immediately punished there.

cf. In Manga(Original ver) and TV Drama version,they are punished in other way,NOT spanking.

In Manga Eikichi also writes graffiti on their BARE bottom and takes a picture of that in the same way as thet have done and in TV Daram makes them hanging head down outside.