Sunday, September 20, 2015

girl spanked in Christian school?

I found an impressive spanking movie on FC2.

It might be from one chapter of  "懺悔地獄 スパンキング" (lit. the hell of a confession and a spanking).

In this DVD,girls are punished by spanking with open hands in the same way as in the movie above.

You can get full movie on DMM(in Japanese)  or some movies(haruka and reno,Karen and mio,and so on) on BMM (also in Japanese).

According to BMM , a spankee is KIMURA Tuna (and ker is NISHINO Nami ),she gets a bare bottom spanking!シスターからパンツまで下ろされてotkのお尻ペンペン懺悔地獄-スパンキング