Sunday, May 31, 2015

spanking in penalty game?

There is going to be a spanking scene in "Kenkoba no BakoBako TV",on March 13-14, 2015 aired on Sun TV.
According to the pics on official site,
girls are to be spanked by Kenkoba if they give a wrong answer(in quiz?),

and a girl(AYAMI Syunka or so) is probably spanked by him...

 We can watch this scene on FC2

go to 24:00

アダルト動画:150314-0115-0208 36 ケンコバBAKOBAKOtv

In this movie,three girls((AYAMI Syunka,KIDUKI Anri,and YATABE Kazusa)try a quiz game and they are spanked each time they give wrong answer.
......Finally they all punished for poor performance in this game.

PS.(May 31,2015)

I found this spanking movie uploaded on youtube!