Saturday, January 17, 2015

female director is spanked at Heart Attack Grill...

MATSUI Miho,a female director (at FTV?) is spanked in the "世界行ってみたらホントはこんなトコだった!? (lit. The world;we have gone there indeed so we know what there really is)" aired on FTV,January 14,2015.

In this episode,Miho visits Heart Attack Grill(official site?),las vegas,ofcourse US,and trys a special hamburger(around 7:30).
But,she can not finish it all,so she gets punished by a nurse with a paddle!(8:00-)

And we can watch spanking above around 25:00 at

or FC2

FYI: SUMIGAWA Emi,a director of FTV,is also spanked in this TV show.