Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baseball bat spanking in local event

Some girls,including HASEGAWA Yoshiko and SHIMIZU Anna, might be spanked with baseball bat in a local event?

According to their blog post (in Japanese!),

Yoshiko's post;

Anna's post;

they got punished as a "penalty game" in "ヤツルギ4周年&映画決起大会&ポリオワクチンチャリティーイベント"(lit.the 4th anniversary of "Yatsurugi" and the rally and the charity event for the Polio vaccine) at T-Joy Soga.

Although i tried to find those movies, but i can not get...

But we might watch the event itself on youtube,

PS. I found spanking scenes on youtube.

Girls get punished at 08:13,17:06,17:50,25:00,30:00...